Here are the life-changing, true, and wholesome services I can offer you.


  • Aura Readings

An in-depth review and evaluation of what simply ails you and what would intentionally keep you from being happy and ultimately keeping you from being yourself.

  • Palm Readings

We all know we have a story to tell but this is something you didn't know...our bodies have a way of telling it. Our palms, for example, can actually map out certain occurrences in our life and give us a tiny hint on what to expect. 

  • Tarot Card Readings

I usually like to start my sessions with Tarot Cards because they serve as a map...a brief map of your past, a little insight on your current situation that you are dealing with at time, and the most enlightening thing about them, when used correctly and has the power of the appropriate energies, it can map out certain areas of your future like love, money, and an ending speculation on where your life may lead you. I will not just lay down a card and say what it means. No, with my spiritual gifts I can actually tell you why it holds significance.

  • Photograph Analysis

A lot can picked up from simple photograph of somebody and that is usually when I get the most flashes and visions. I can tell what their aura is, what they are dealing with, and whether or not they are a good person. 

  •  Pet Readings

I am very in-tune with my animal spirit through past experiences and through my Native Background. Now I believe I have mastered a key that holds a door to even your animals emotions. For most people, it is not hard to read a dog or cat. We can pick up when they are happy, we can pick up on when they are sad, and we can even pick up on when they are scared. My readings go a bit further. Animals, like Humans, have souls and if you just look a little deeper you will be able to see what kind of soul your animal has.

If there is a certain problem you are having with one of your pets and you don't know what to do, come to me and will be able to see what is causing them stress. It is a beautiful gift to be able to interconnect with the Spirit of Animals because like Humans, there souls come in many different packages.  

  •  Native Herbology

Being part of a well-known Native Tribe in America and also having many healers and educators in our family certain recipes for health, wealth, light, and even love have been concurred up and been proved to work. 

An example could be something as simple as "Vanilla." Vanilla can be used to calm the soul and the mind and it can be used to bring warmth to your household and your surroundings. Along the same lines, "Lavender" can be for Spiritual growth (as well as "Jasmine") and it can also be used for peace and serenity with your soul and surroundings. 

Our research goes much further than that though. We have a plethora of recipes and concoctions to better the human body and the Spirit. Herbs to heal with, candles to pray with, and even a specialized tea (among others) that can optimize the immune system. 

Just ask me what materials I can get for you but often times, I will just surprise you with some goodies from my little cabinet.

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